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Changes in JAM (0.65+.76i - Nov 01,2001)

  • The new distribution does not require JavaCC. JavaCC has already been run to create the necessary Java source files.

  • The new distribution contains a JAR file called JAM.jar that can be used directly so that JAM never has to be compiled. It contains all the class files necessary for JAM agents to be executed.

  • Added support for the retrieval and iteration through all world model entries matching a specified relation. I.e. RETRIEVEALL and NEXTFACT actions have been added. Prior versions only found one match at a time and no iteration through alternatives was possible.

  • Added support for printing out information related to plan action failure. Added a primitive action, setShowActionFailure, and a command-line switch, -f, to turn this new debugging output on and off. The file name and line number of the action that failed is displayed when this feature is active.

  • Added a printout of JAM plan file name and line number in the case of a Java exception during action execution (helps with debugging as otherwise only a stack trace would be printed out and that doesn't help much in identifying where in a plan file the error occurred).

  • Implemented the LOAD action for parsing JAM files during runtime.

  • Added a disablePlan primitive action to remove a plan from consideration while JAM is executing.

  • Added logical operators for bitwise and, or, xor, and complement.

  • Added support for using Java methods in plan functions (e.g., within CONTEXT/PRECONDITION sections, within an ASSIGN).

  • Added several JAM example plans, some of which demonstrate how to use JAM features and some which are examples of solving problems. Renamed all of the old example files to something that more clearly describes what the file does.

  • Added support for command-line switches (e.g., -s, -i. The manual always had them but the capability got lost somewhere down the line).

  • Modified sleep action to sleep milliseconds rather than seconds.

  • Updated the Makefile to a useable form for Unix-like systems. Will compile the core files as well as the java files in the primitives and the examples directories.

  • Synchronized the primary entries into the World Model (assert, retract, and update) to improve thread safety.

  • Modified the sleep primitive to use Thread.wait() rather than Thread.sleep().

  • Added support for including information about a goal's conclude relation into a goal for possible subsequent printout during debugging.

  • Internal improvements to metalevel reasoning.

  • Efficiency improvements to socket-based communications.

  • Improved code-level plan parsing exception handling so that threaded JAM agents don't much everything up if they encounter a parsing problem.

  • Moved agentGo action from to

  • Several bug fixes.
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